Zohra Chitalwala
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If You’re Always Trying To Be Normal You Will Never Know How Amazing You Can Be

Hello readers, Welcome to another edition of Startup Interviews. Today we are publishing an interview with Mrs. Zohra Chitalwala, Founder – Image2Image Zo’s Consultants

So let’s get into it without any delay!

Hi Zohra, Thanks for taking part in this. How would you define your brand, and yourself?

I would define them as classic, both my brand and myself.  I like to make a statement through my style and image, and stand out in a crowd with my unique strong identity. After noticing the gap in the wedding-grooming niche, I began developing a service offering to help families and individuals have an easier and better wedding. Image2Image Zo’s Consultants’ Wedding Grooming Consulting practice is meant to facilitate brides and grooms with the right designers, makeup artist and any other professionals that may be associated with their grooming.

What was your prime motivation for starting? What were the factors that led you to start the venture?

It has always been my passion to help people look their best. Without realizing it, I began doing the work of an image consultant through helping family and friends with their lifestyle. I realized that this is a problem that most face, and I noticed an opportunity for me to solve this problem, thereby creating an impact not only in this field but in society as well. Every individual is equipped to face the world with their knowledge academically. Image consulting helps an individual to enhance his/her personality in social and life skills. Academic excellence everyone can achieve but a strong image really stands out between the crowd. I have endeavored to bring organization in the industry and make grooming a signature experience, as it is supposed to be.

What is your targeted audience?

Image Consulting is a very new industry in India, not too many people know about this profession and its benefits. From my experience, most individuals in our country can fall into the “target audience”. Whether you are a graduate with a white-collar job or an influential politician or a student image consulting can help you

As for wedding-grooming consulting my goal is to help all who want the perfect wedding but are overwhelmed by how much they have to do to prepare for it.

People are more familiar with Personality development. How’d you compare Personality Development with Image Consulting?

Personality development is one aspect of image consultancy. Image consulting covers body language, etiquette, appearance, verbal non-verbal communication, and dining.

How Image consulting can change an average student who has just graduated?

Every individual is equipped to face the world with their knowledge academically. Image consulting helps to enhance personality in social and life skills which are more important. Academic excellence everyone can achieve but a strong image really stands out between the crowd.

Are people aware of the importance of Image consulting? If not, how’d you make them understand in a simple way?

Initially, when I started my practice 10ys ago Image Consulting was not known at all. It took a lot of effort and time to explain what this profession is and how it will benefit an individual to enhance himself/herself in their social, personal and professional life. Now people are getting aware of this industry but even today many understand Image Consulting as a personality development service or a fashion stylist. I just tell people that image consulting is a complete consultation & training in Etiquette, Style, Verbal Non-Verbal Communication Skills, Dining, Body Language and Appearance.

Did you experience failures?

Zohra Chitalwala
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There is no such thing as failure, Only Learning Experiences. “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything ORIGINAL” – Ken Robinson. I have failed but learned from them and have come out, even more, stronger from it and challenged myself to do better to do it right.

Who inspires you?

My children inspire me to do better and push me not to lay back and work harder.

What do you do on a daily basis to grow as an entrepreneur?

The benefit of being an entrepreneur is that you never stop growing. I enjoy facing new challenges and coming up with unique solutions for the industry. I spend time every day trying to problem-solve these challenges.

With the advent of social media, the connectivity to other people has grown tremendously as well as the understanding of others. I spend at least 30 mins a day on social media to understand my clients through what they post, what they like and what they comment. Above all, I spend time watching videos and reading articles that can help me achieve this goal. However, the better I understand my customers the better I can serve them. This makes me a better entrepreneur each day.

What is something about having a life as a women entrepreneur that most people wouldn’t expect?

In conclusion, As an entrepreneur seeing a smile of progress on the face of my clients after my consultation is high for me. And a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done. While it was important for me to build my consultation practice it was equally important to give back to society and help those that would never have the opportunity to work with someone in my profession.

So far I have had the opportunity to help improve the lives of more than 500 lives and look forward to working with many more. Besides, Being a woman entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges, especially in a country like India. However, that just increases my motivation to push myself harder and prove myself further.

We wish, “All the best to Zohra for her future endeavors”
Zohra Chitalwala

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  1. Haiderali Merchant.

    Well done Zohra.
    Your hard work and self belief has helped you to achieve your goals.
    My best wishes for years ahead..

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