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Stop Hacking Your Blog to Death

Wow. Guys; sear this awesome idea onto your mind. Blogging gets easier and easier and easier – even if it feels scary sometimes – when you do not try to take short cuts, or, when you stop trying to find endless magical, time-saving and work-saving and effort-saving hacks, to succeed on pure auto-pilot. Blogging gets harder and harder and harder and more frustrating when you hack your blog to death. You and I both love saving time and energy on our way to becoming a more successful blogger. But honestly, have you ever asked yourself why you love trying out shortcuts, hacks, or effort-and-time-saving tips? In every case, bloggers focused solely on hacks want something for nothing. Guess what happens when you try to get something for nothing? You get nothing, for something.

Please re-read the prior line to understand the root of all blogging struggles. You get NOTHING (no traffic and no money) for SOMETHING (time, energy, money investment, over years of your life). Today, you try this hack. Tomorrow, another hack. Next week, another hack. At the end of the year, after trying all these shortcuts, you see zero profits and little traffic. How terrible does it feel to get nothing, for something? Horrible. Let’s move away from hacking your blog to death via endless short cuts to nowhere, shall we? Now it’s time to give something generously, to eventually get something really sweet.

The Solution

Stop looking for shortcuts, quick fixes, time and energy saving blogging strategies and all manner of hacks that bloggers tout. Any time you try to get something for nothing, you get nothing, for something crucial and critical; aka, you get no money and traffic, but waste precious years of your time. Ouch. Now it’s time to feel better by blogging the right way. Learn blogging patiently from top blogging tips pros. Practice writing. Generously create helpful content solving your reader’s problems. Genuinely network by generously helping bloggers in your niche and asking for nothing in return. Spend thousands of hours blogging.

What happens? Well for starters, you feel better because you genuinely blog with integrity, doing it the right way. Make the journey sweeter, more fun and more freeing. Plus you begin to see seedlings of blogging success. Traffic and profits slowly, surely and steadily flow your way. You spend time blogging both effectively and efficiently. Feels good, right? The friends you make ease your journey by adding a passive traffic and profits element to your blogging campaign. How freeing would it feel to make money while you sleep? Hack-free, genuine, generous, blogging, patiently and persistently creating content leads to those type of sweet blogging benefits, amplifying your fun and freedom factor.

Blogging shortcuts do not exist. Just like in life, every shortcut you try to take wastes both your time and energy, the two most precious elements in life. Do yourself a favor. Blog the right way. Learn from pros. Creates and connect generously. Trust in the process. Feel better and better as you help people without expecting anything in return and as you see your worldly success slowly multiply. Feel good and at peace taking the long term, proven, sound approach to blogging success. This journey feels much more calming and flat out fun because when you blog with good intentions you experience good-feeling results. Don’t we all just wanna feel good and experience success, anyway?


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