Fashion Blogging to Film-Making! The Story of Mary Veronica

Hello there, today in our Bloggers Interview series, We are publishing an interview of Mary Veronica Anthony, Fashion Blogger, at Beautilicious Freak.

Hi Mary, Can you tell our readers about yourself?

Hi, I’m Mary a fashion & lifestyle blogger from Pune. I’m a full time freelance content creator/blogger/scriptwriter/ and director. I recently directed and scripted my short film ‘Makeup’. I also write for a music company Saregama India Ltd. My short stories appear on their youtube channel section ‘Storiyaan’. I’m also currently authoring e-books which will publish shortly. In short, my life revolves around writing.

When and how the blog idea took place?

I started my blog Beautilicious Freak in 2014 because I love fashion. That time I started with blogger and now it has moved on to

How much time do you spend blogging weekly basis?

I was a full-time blogger earlier. Now I’m concentrating on e-book and script-writing.

What is the information that you share with your readers on your blog?

My blog has fashion & lifestyle related articles. And also articles in collaboration with well-known brands.

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As a blogger, what are the challenges you face? How you pass over them?

As a blogger lack of proper remuneration from the brands as influencers. The brands concentrate only on bloggers who have a huge following in social media. There is a disparity regarding opportunities.

Everyone has a favorite blogger by whom they got inspired. Name yours and why

Italian fashion icon Chiara Ferragni is my inspiration. Maybe someday I would own a fashion line like her.

What tools do you use to increase user traffic?

I have joined Indiblogger and Blog adda. Plus engage me on Twitter with various blogging brands and of course there is Instagram.

What is the big picture of your platform? 

More collaborations and having my own fashion & beauty line. Currently collaborating with other brands is one of the revenue sources.

What is your best motivation line that inspires you?

Keep your Head, Heels, and Standards High!

What would be a few practices you would suggest to new bloggers?

I would suggest keeping your passion alive and don’t wait for the perfect time to begin.

Hope you’ve explored NettyFeed platform, what are your thoughts on it?

NettyFeed comes across as an encouraging platform for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Has great tips and tricks for budding business professionals and inspiring success stories to follow.

We wish, “All the best to Mary for her future endeavors”

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