A Curious Student and his Blogging Story

Hey everyone, In our Blogger’s Interview Series today we have Study Lifestyle Blogger Mr. Adittya Gupta From Student’s Alley. In this interview, he has discussed his journey towards love for sharing study tips & tricks.

So without delay, let’s take into the interview now.

Can you tell our readers about yourself?

I’m 15, and a student from Calcutta, India. I’m actively involved in the studying community, be it at different blogs, communities or social media. I’m currently enrolled under ICSE – which is a grade 10 examination offered by the British Council.

I’m a writer, and I plan to take it over the threshold of just being a hobby.

When and how the blog idea took place?

I’ve always wanted to have my own blog, and once I started getting involved in the study community, I thought it would be a great idea if I could have my own platform where I could share tips and my life with other people. The idea started around May and I created the blog in June.

How much time do you spend blogging weekly basis?

I’m not a full-time blogger, or at least yet. I spend over six-eight hours each week on my blog.

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What is the information that you share with your readers on your blog?

I share study tips and tricks for high school and college students, and it also has a taste of my study lifestyle.

As a blogger, what are the challenges you face? How you pass over them?

I think the greatest challenge I face is managing school, my leisure time, and work. I’d love to spend more time blogging, but I’m also a student myself who has to deal with multiple everyday assignments and other work himself, so it’s hard to dedicate a lot of time into it. I pass over it by strategically planning my entire schedule and managing my time, using it efficiently: Which is part of what I teach other people at my blogs.

Everyone has a favorite blogger by whom they got inspired. Name yours

My favorite blogger would definitely by Thomas Frank from collegeinfogeek.com. He does awesome work and he is part of the reason why I’m into the study community.

What tools do you use to manage your social media presence and to increase user traffic?

I’m still learning how to increase my traffic, so I don’t use a lot of fancy tools. However, I do use a Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress for simple SEO.

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What is the revenue source of your blog?

Since this blog is around a month old, I don’t have a lot of revenue sources yet, I’m still trying to build up an audience. For now, ads would be the only source I’d say.

What is the big picture of your platform? 

I look forward to creating StudentsAlley a trust-worthy place for every student to come to relate and take some value from it. I plan on creating lots of study tips posts and make sure they reach the target audience. I also plan on starting a YouTube channel to increase my media presence.

What is your best motivation line that inspires you?

 Ironically, my best ‘motivation’ line is “Stop looking for motivation and do it”. Seriously, it’s on point.

Would you encourage other passionate people to start their blog and what would be a few practices you would suggest?

I would highly encourage people to have their own blogs. My suggestion would be to first know what value you offer others and make sure you to stick to it. I’ll suggest breaking down your blog to a very specific niche and thus a target audience.

Hope you’ve explored NettyFeed platform, what are your thoughts on it?

The platform offers a great chance for newbie bloggers and entrepreneurs to learn and infuses within them a great sense of courage to take the next big step, and that, I believe, is a wonderful thing.

We wish, “All the best to Adittya for his future endeavors”

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