Imagine being able to engage millions with Your Startup Story

Here’s how it can be possible…!!!

It feels amazing to bring inspiring stories of startups, entrepreneurs, tech innovations and businesses to our lovely audience. Our strong-willed and desirous work has already drive benefits to 100s of startups.

How Startup Interview helps you?

  • Bringing much-needed media attention(EYEBALLS)
  • Enhancing online reputation (TRUST)
  • Strengthening Public Image and profiling (REPUTATION)
  • Improving online visibility (ORGANICALLY)

We have traffic base from multiple sources of social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, bookmarking platforms and  Newsletters.

Why do you need to submit a startup story?

NettyFeed is the prime source of information for startup’s, entrepreneurship and business news in India as well as global.

Our valuable readers from country include CEO’s – high-level management, Directors, Founders, Digital Managers, Operations, Venture Capitalist’s, Investors, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Consultants  & Individuals, with an eye on e-commerce, tech, finance, health, auto, manufacturing, entertainment & blogging domains in India.

Branding is essential

If you have launched a new product or start-up, then this is the best platform for you to showcase your products, market your brand with your prospects and investors by publishing your information with us..

How to submit your startup story?

  1. Simple! Make the payment using below link, tell us a bit about you and startup so that we can come up with the Interview Questionnaire.
  2. You may email us with your payment and startup details to
  3. Please note: Once you submit the Interview answers, our editorial team will review the same and publish it accordingly. If there are any edits needed, we shall get back to you. 
  4. You can visit startup interviews section to check out some reference interviews.


You can make the payment using below link (Credit/Debit Card):

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