3 Common qualities I’ve observed in successful bloggers

“Successful bloggers are successful for one simple reason – Qualities they develop.”


The definition of success differs with each person. To some, it is making more money, To some, it may be traveling, To some, it is living every moment in the way they like, etc.

If you ask me what is a success, I’d say, achieving what you believed in.

Blogging is not different.

I am very curious about the habits of such bloggers who “made it” in their lives.

So I thought of bringing up the common habits of effective bloggers. Here you go:

1. They don’t relax

I often see some bloggers relax after making a great money deal. They travel, enjoy the holiday and don’t show up on their blog even for a month of time.

If you want to make a career in blogging and grow as a pro blogger, then don’t get relax for a long time. Keep yourself busy with blogging related works.

People forget you if you forget them, it is as simple as that.

Make a blogging schedule to publish blog posts – at least once in a week or 10 days. I started being consistent, helpful to the readers by sharing blogging tips that I know, active on Twitter.

What happened?

Top influencers like Ryan Biddulph find me as an honest and struggling blogger and started helping me by writing regular guest posts on my blog.

He gets exposure and fun, my readers and I get blogging knowledge, of course, I get passive traffic too.

That’s way cool and awesome, right?

2. They build a community of bloggers & readers

You take any top bloggers like Harsh, Anil, Ankit, Ryan, Santanu, etc, they all build a loyal readership and bloggers community.

Either it could be a Facebook group or Twitter community, they stay in touch with fellow bloggers and audiences. In this way, everyone helps each other and everyone gets benefited. Isn’t it?

For example

Here’s one such awesome blogging community that was created by a passionate blogger Santanu Debnath – Join his Facebook group to befriend amazing bloggers like him.

Helping other bloggers doesn’t degrade you and make them successful. You both get successful. Great deal, isn’t it?

What you should do?

Be honest about what you talk on your blog, do not give fancy promises or numbers if you don’t have in real.

Are you not earning money? Put the same before your readers and tell them how you are working to reach that money-making goal.

Have you made your first eBook or affiliate sale? Share it with your readers and tell the tips and insights that have worked for you.

That’s how you build a loyal community of readers.

3. They keep writing by releasing their blogging fears

Earlier, I have talked about the most common blogging fears and how to overcome them.

There is 1 dangerous fear I have observed in most of the new bloggers, even in myself in earlier days – That is, “Writing in English.”

For obvious reasons, my English accent and writing are not so well as western bloggers. I agree, but that didn’t make me stop blogging. I don’t want to give up on my blogging because of this reason.

Instead of worrying about the problem, I started improving my English by writing blog posts in my own voice, using Grammarly tool, reading books, watching English movies and by commenting on other blogs.

I feel like it’s getting better now.

You know what is the best part of the blogging community – No one laughs at you for the mistakes you make, instead, they help you and take you to the success point.

I have just taken “Writing” as one of the common fears, I’m sure there are so many when it comes to blogging.

All of today’s successful bloggers were learners once, they might have the worst blogging fears than yours. But they didn’t let those fears crush them. They kept confidence in themselves and that my friend should be your blogging attitude.

Mistakes are inevitable but don’t let them stop you from reaching your success. Be confident and keep learning from others.


Face the reality, billions of bloggers and blogs out there.

With that competition how do you position yourself as an authority blogger? It’s easy – Be open to learning, keep patience and start networking with people.

You learn to have these qualities, everything falls in place for sure.

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you have observed other qualities in expert bloggers, that make them unique and original.

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