5 Usual Traits of Highly Successful Bloggers

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“Newbie bloggers become successful for one clean reason – Qualities they possess and develop in the long run.” Agree?

Most people think success falls easily for bloggers. Starting a blog, writing a few keyword-rich blog posts with affiliate links, promote them in spammy social media groups and wait for the money to fall into your pockets, Is that right? I don’t think so, there is a lot one doesn’t see that what it takes to be a successful blogger. I have been blogging for four years, seen mostly downs, and finally figured out a few things that make you stand out in the crowd and achieve success. But before talking about the traits of influential bloggers I have a question for you:

What is blogging success?

The definition differs for each person. To some, it is building a blog to make more money, To some, it is writing and inspiring people with their words, to some, it could be just to be called a blogger, etc.

If you ask me I’d say achieving what you aimed for. I am very curious about the qualities of those bloggers who “made it” in their lives. So I thought of bringing up the common qualities of those successful bloggers out there.

5 Common Qualities of Successful Bloggers

1. They don’t relax

I often see some bloggers relax after making a great sale. They travel, enjoy the holiday and don’t show up on their blog even for weeks and months. If you want to make a career in blogging and grow as a pro blogger, then don’t be relaxed for a long time and keep yourself busy with blogging. People forget you if you forget them, it is as simple as that.

Use a calendar, make a regular blogging schedule to publish the blog posts, be active on Twitter, or Facebook, improve your networking, writing skills or drop value comments on other’s articles, etc. This way you will be exposed to top influencers who can make you grow and succeed. You have to maintain consistency when it comes to blogging, no other choice.

2. They’d build a community

You take any top bloggers’ names; they all built a loyal readership and bloggers community around them. Either it could be through Facebook group or Twitter; they are always connected. In this way, everyone helps each other and everyone gets benefited. Isn’t it?

For example

Here’s one such awesome blogging community that was created by a passionate blogger Santanu Debnath – Join his Facebook group to befriend amazing bloggers like him. Helping other bloggers doesn’t degrade you and make them only successful, You both make it. Great deal, isn’t it?

What you should do?

Be honest with readers and don’t give fancy promises or show big numbers if you don’t have them in real.

Are you not earning money? Put the same before your readers and tell how you are working to reach that goal. Have you made your first eBook or affiliate sale? Share it with your readers and tell the tips and strategies that have worked for you.

Talk and respond to your audience. If you either ignore or don’t respond to your reader’s comments, you might not see them coming back to you. Try to ask questions that create engagement and interest regularly.

That’s how you build a loyal community of readers.

3. They keep writing by releasing their fears

Earlier, I have talked about the most common blogging fears and how to overcome them.

There is 1 dangerous fear I have observed in most of the newbies, even in myself in earlier days -“Writing in English.”

My English accent and writing are not so well as western bloggers. I agree, but that didn’t make me stop blogging. I don’t want to give up on my blogging because of this silly reason. Instead of worrying about it, I started working on it. I use Grammarly, watch English movies, listen to podcasts, and keep writing. I feel like I am better now than before.

You know what is the best part of the blogging community – No one laughs at you for your mistakes. Instead, they uplift you. All of today’s successful bloggers were learners once and maybe they had the worst blogging fears. But they didn’t let those fears crush ’em. They kept their confidence and kept working. Mistakes are inevitable but don’t let them stop you from doing things.

4. They would manage critics

Assume you wrote an amazing blog post, or published 1st eBook with all your knowledge and are expecting to receive appreciation from people. But you would get negative comments and reviews, after all, there are so many jerks out there. How’d you react to them? Offended, anger, embarrassed, lower or even cried? Don’t do all these! If you react to those critics in such ways it means you are hinting them that you are weak and scared. Plus, you are helping them to criticize you more.

Instead, believe in yourself, keep the confidence and clarity in self. You need to feel the discomfort of those critics but not get them into your head.

Don’t miss to read 3 Favors Blogging Critics Do for You

5. Enjoying blogging

Do you love to write? Do you enjoy what you do?

If yes, then I am damn sure you’re going to be highly successful in blogging and earn tons of money from your blog. One thing I found disturbing in most bloggers is that they keep chasing money it means they love money. Who doesn’t love money? Even I do but I don’t let that thing be my reason to blog. I blog every single day, write something or tweet or even comment, Why? I love doing them.

You should be blogging naturally but not forcefully to make money or see yourself on the Internet. Readers are smart and will find out if you are blogging just for money or it is passion. So put monetizing ideas aside for some time at least till you build a decent blog and enjoy things in blogging and have fun doing it.


Face the reality, billions of bloggers and blogs out there. With that competition how do you position yourself as an authority blogger?

You learn to have these qualities and implement them to see yourself successful. So what do you have to say about this? Do you think you could learn them? Start your blog here.

My friend, Ryan Biddulph shares how he became one of the most influential bloggers in the industry through an eBook. Would you consider buying it?

I wish you the best!

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