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Successful Blogging Is a Long Winding Journey

I absolutely love blogging. Blogging feels fun to me. But heck yeah, being successful took me on a long, winding journey. Almost all new bloggers believe blogging to be a straight line ordeal. Create. Connect. Succeed. No. Never. Sure we need to create and connect to become full time bloggers. But creating and connecting occurs over 5,000 to 10,000 hours, and during that long time frame, you become pulled, nudged and prodded in MANY unexpected directions on this blogging quest. Emphasis on *MANY unexpected directions*, folks!

For example, 10 years ago, I foolishly believed I would *only* write blog posts to eventually become successful. Straight line journey. Write. Persist. Make money. My quest proved to be about a full 180 degrees from some dude sitting down to write blog posts. Blogging pulled me to record videos. Then, to broadcast live. Winding path #1. Winding path #2. Blogging nudged me to write 126 eBooks. Another deviation from straight line blogging. Virgin featured me as a world renowned digital nomad authority. Never in 1 billion years did I expect *that* to happen; another winding path, pushing me off the linear walkway, adding to my journey. Blogging forces you to become a completely different person than you ever dreamed you’d be ,when you stick around long enough to become successful, because it *needs to* mold you into a different person than you expected you’d become. Ego sees life through a pinhole when in truth, life is abundance, rich with infinite opportunities. Successful bloggers learn so much about their fears. Among said fears, all bloggers learn about how they put themselves in a one-dimensional box as newbie bloggers.

We quickly learn how blogging is a single skill that encompasses an ever-increasing number of skill sets to uncover, learn and master, in order to become good enough and trusted enough to become a professional. I became a skilled writer, a skilled live video broadcaster and a skilled entrepreneur in order to become successful. I never, ever saw myself developing any of those skills, when I first bought my domain and hosting 10 years ago. Did I imagine Forbes would feature me as a digital nomad authority? Are you nuts?! Of course, NO! I had never traveled when I bought my domain and hosting. Internationally, at least. I never heard of the term, “digital nomad.” Traveling and building a business seemed like an alien idea to me. Blogging woke me up to these possibilities and pulled me down that path, though. Thanks, blogging.

Guys; never pigeon hole yourself. Never be one dimensional. One dimensional bloggers ALWAYS fail because blogging requires 5 to 10 – or more – skills, to master, to actually become a successful, full time blogger. You will wear so many more hats than you envision yourself wearing now because committing to your goals pulls you down paths you literally cannot see, imagine or fathom, now. Before we proceed, if you need help committing to your goals, buy my eBook:

How to Commit to Your Goals 1000%

Be open. Be flexible. Be pulled down fun, freeing and uncomfortable-feeling blogging paths. The long, winding journey is the only journey to genuinely becoming successful online. Relish it. Enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Successful Blogging Is a Long Winding Journey”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    Blogging is really a work of fun and you know people can learn a lot of things at journey.

    It provides you a better opportunity to explore things in new dimension.

    Flexibility in your work gives a pure independence and you can do something genius in your niche.

    Thanks for sharing.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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