Swarupa Panda: Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger @ The Fashion and City 

Hello there, today in our Bloggers Interview seriesWe are publishing an interview of Mrs. Swarupa Panda, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger at The Fashion and City.


Hi Swarupa, Can you tell our readers about yourself?

Hey folks!! I am Swarupa, a fashion and lifestyle blogger based out in Chennai. Apart from being a crazy trend follower, I do have a keen taste for interior designing which also is a part of my blog.

With a loving and all supporting husband, who never denies when asked for help is also the photographer for the blog. Do check out my posts @The Fashion and City (thefashionandcity.com) and be in touch with the latest trends.

When and how the blog idea took place?

I was introduced to the world of blogging through my job. Though I did forever want to share my fashion thoughts my blogging knowledge was limited.  Finally, I kick started after gaining enough familiarity and understanding.

How much time do you spend blogging weekly basis?

No, I am not a full-time blogger. I’m a blogger driven by passion.

I have a full-time job so I am unable to devote all my time to blogging. It is for 2 to 4 hours daily and two full days in a week.

What is the information that you share with your readers on your blog?

The blog is a showcase of my journey with fashion. My readers will find various fashion and lifestyle related articles on my blog, starting with styling to beauty product reviews and tips to maintain a healthy life. Since I am quite into interior designing, so they will find some amazing interior designing articles as well.

 As a blogger, what are the challenges you face? How you pass over them?

Considering that the blog started just last August and hasn’t even turned a year old, the love I receive currently is paramount. The biggest challenge, according to me, is posting content that my followers love and engage with. Being in the field of Digital Marketing, the other challenge involves meeting my expectation in increasing the visitor count, which is well a bit high. However, giving out desired content that satisfies both the reader and myself will always be the top priority and the greatest challenge as well.

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Everyone has a favorite blogger by whom they got inspired. Name yours and why

As I said I was working with a lot of bloggers. Naturally, I used to get lots of ideas, that’s when I started to think why not share those ideas. Sharing is caring after all!. Soon I joined Instagram, where Nistha saraf [@fashionistha] and my path crossed. She is a lovely lady and has always been a huge source of inspiration.

What tools do you use to manage your social media presence and to increase user traffic?

I have never been the biggest fan of tools, thus don’t use much of them. However, this profession demands a bit of touch-up here and there and so I do use a few. For color editing and brightness management, Instagram is enough and sometimes I use the app called VSCO.

What is the revenue source of your blog?

Till now, it is only guest posts.

What is the big picture of your platform? What are your future plans?

My blog is full of flavors. I am sure no one will ever get bored once they land on the Fashion and City.

What is your best motivation line that inspires you?

Well, there are two such motivational lines actually. Firstly, you are a blogger, not a celebrity.

The second one says, keep doing what you love, don’t expect to earn huge money or get free products.

Would you encourage other passionate people to start their blog and what would be a few practices you would suggest?

Yes, of course! If your heart starts pounding heavily every time the thought of blogging crosses your mind then do it. Do not wait for anyone’s green signal. Just jump on it and get started.

Every single person has a different perception for a single thing. The best thing to do is put in all your ideas and see the final work done. Some of the advice will be- Don’t just write for the sake of writing, add feelings to it. Don’t write long paragraphs. Use original and quality images. Do SEO. And most importantly do promotions, a lot.

Hope you’ve explored NettyFeed platform, what are your thoughts on it?

First of all thanks for introducing me and my blog on your platform. I am humbled. NettyFeed is truly a great platform for all budding entrepreneurs. Also, I love all the articles posted on your platform. All of them are so versatile and unique in their own way. Truly great work, always keep it up!

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