Organization, Strategy & Implementation Are The Pillars of Her Successful Digital Business – Tali Love

Organization, Strategy & Implementation Are The Pillars of Her Successful Digital Business – Tali Love

June 29, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed
We are publishing an interview of Tali Love, CEO of Tali Love LLC; Doing Business As Pretty Brown Nomad and Smart & Resourceful.

At a glance

Startup: Tali Love LLC

Sector:  Digital Marketing & Branding with an emphasis in Traveling

Location: USA

Funding:  Self-funded

Problem it solves:  I do marketing and branding for travel and lifestyle brands, I do digital project management and marketing for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, I also sell digital products and coaching packages related to living the Nomadic Lifestyle.

Could you briefly tell us about the Founders?  

Tali Love is the Brainchild of Tali Love LLC. Tali Love LLC consist of several divisions of business.

There is Tali Love the Travel Blogger that curates the stories and images for the Travel Blog Pretty Brown Nomad. There is the division of branding and networking that is offered to travel centric businesses

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How did you come up with the idea? You can share your inspirations

Nothing new , simply something that I execute consistently. The thing that differentiates me and makes me successful is running this like a business and not a hobby and coming together with others to form a collective and being honest about it.

Who are your Targeted audience?

Smart and Resourceful seeks to work with solopreneurs and small businesses that could benefit from having a team back and support them. Pretty Brown Nomad works with travel and lifestyle brands that could use exposure, marketing and and expand their reach to their target audience. I also love to consult and work with others that aspire to have my lifestyle.

What type of strategies do you think is valuable to take company to the next level?

Organization, Organization, Organization and being agile. I gain all of my clients by showing them how organized I can be and how getting organized helps them to scale their business quickly.

What is your best motivation line that inspires you?

Even if your ambitions are huge, start slow, start small, build gradually, build smart. -Gary V

What were the key Learning’s from your journey that you would like to share with our audience?

This journey is HARD and people don’t’ talk about it enough. You have to want this BAD, you have to be willing to take HUGE risks and suffer through tons of uncertainty. I created my own podcast to talk about this alone. Being an entrepreneur is a dream come true, but many of us have to work for it. We have to constantly reinvent ourselves and the process. We have to constantly work towards finding new and innovative ways to make things work. This isn’t easy by any means, but it’s worth it. Once you’ve succeeded, its beyond worth it.

Could you share details about source of funding, revenue, client acquisition model and statistics so far?

 I get out, I hustle and I work. I generate income through partnerships. Sometimes that’s sharing their products and services with my audience, other times it’s writing for them and going out on assignment for organizations. I also consult others on living their own Nomadic Lifestyle. Lastly I work with small businesses and solopreneurs to get them organized and on track so that I can stream line their businesses. With the help of a collective or other creatives just like me, I’ve been able to take on bigger projects and scale my business while scaling theirs. It’s a win-win for so many

Your website/app/contact details


Any other information about your startup that you’d like to share with our readers?

I’m doing a talk soon in Vegas for over a thousand digital influencers. I will discuss how to scale your business through organization with a highlight on using the app Trello. I have a partnership with them (an example of how I generate income)

Pretty Brown Nomad The Blog, I love discussing how I use this platform for networking and building and how I built it from scratch and met lots of people that now make up my collective by building it

Smart & Resourceful The meat and potatoes of the whole structure that I’ve built. It was the thing that totally changed the trajectory of how I survive My most prized product

How to Be a Modern Day Nomad On Your Own Terms- My ebook that can be found on Amazon. I will be happy to share the link with you.

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