The Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

The Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

December 28, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

There are no set rules when it comes to planning a beautiful wedding. Each couple has to decide what they really want from this special day. Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular these days. These are weddings that take place at some of the most amazing destinations in the country. The design of the wedding, as well as the venue work together in order to create a spectacular occasion. Scottsdale, AZ is definitely one of the best locations to consider for a dream destination wedding.

This is a unique and often overlooked destination that can offer stunning landscapes as a background for ceremonies. Various hotels in Scottsdale display the beauty of this desert city and all that it has to offer. It is possible to select an extravagant or luxurious venue for your wedding or even one that is quaint and cozy. A prime example of the luxurious category is the Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows. This is an all in one location that provides terrific amenities along with a venue space for weddings, ceremonies, and receptions. Plus, anyone who goes to the wedding can book a room for the weekend and enjoy the spa and other great offerings. What more could you need for planning your perfect day?

Situated just east of Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, Scottsdale has many outdoor settings that are nice choices for weddings. These may in many instances require a bit of preparation as it relates to décor and staging these activities. The options that the venues in Scottsdale provide make it easy to plan for theme weddings. It is possible to decorate these venues to match color schemes with flowers and other décor items. Considering what you envision for these events is the best way to prepare and select a venue.

Selecting the Right Venue

According to the Wedding Wire, there are many exciting venue options for weddings being held in Scottsdale, AZ. It doesn’t matter whether you want to capture scenes if the desert, the mountains or area foliage. Locations like the Andaz Scottsdale Resort can meet all of your needs. This is more than just a great venue. You can collaborate with onsite coordinators to plan your wedding activities. There are thousands of square feet of event space available at this one accommodation.

Staging a Theme Event

There is nothing wrong with planning a traditional wedding, even at a special destination venue. Some couples, however, will opt to stage an elaborate themed event. Arizona is definitely a good place to make these dreams come true. Princess weddings or even island setting weddings can be pulled off in this diverse city. It is important to remember to list the details and materials necessary to properly stage your theme wedding activities. Here are some of these to prepare for:

  • Floral Arrangements
  • Table Cloths
  • Musical Entertainment
  • Background Décor

Accommodate Your Guests

Choosing your venue, you must factor in the guests that will be traveling along with you. Resorts that have diverse choices for rooms, suites, and bungalows are usually the best. They allow families of different dynamics to have what they need. Those with onsite dining, fitness centers, pools, and other amenities are great. It is important to remember the size of your bridal party and event volunteers. These need to be considered during your selection of a hotel or resort.

Prepare for Activities

Trip Savvy reports that there is an average of 2.4M weddings performed in the U.S. annually. These may be scheduled in the home cities or towns of the happy couple. Others will be destination weddings that incorporate the beauty of fabulous resorts and locations. The details and planning associated with these events involve selecting a venue that can accommodate all of your plans and needs. This means not simply the wedding ceremony, but the rehearsal dinner, the reception, and any other aspects as well.

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