AI Technology Powered Ride-Sharing Platform For Quality and Economical Private Hire Vehicles in the U.K

AI Technology Powered Ride-Sharing Platform For Quality and Economical Private Hire Vehicles in the U.K

May 10, 2018 0 By Team NettyFeed

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We are publishing an interview of Jude Tharakan, Founder of  Turbo AI™

best place to buy Depakote What made you want to be an entrepreneur?

Jude Tharakan

I have always been passionate about learning more about the latest technologies predominantly Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. I have been working with the Turbo AI™ idea since last two years but building the founding team was a little challenging. After discussions and research, our co-founders understood and trusted the idea is unconventional. I always wanted to bring change to the world and become a visionary. Getting the right opportunity and time was never easy, but now I believe through Turbo AI™ I have already started the technological revolution.

watch What is your business concept?

Turbo AI™  is a technology start-up that I have co-founded with Nottingham/Oxford/LSE/IITB  & Ex: Goldman Sachs, Tata Consultancy Services & BNP Paribas co-founders. Our AI Technology platform is incubated at the Ingenuity Lab, The University of Nottingham. Turbo is an AI Technology Powered ride-sharing platform for quality, reliable, trusted and economical private hire vehicles in the United Kingdom. With over 75+ providers and 10,000 cabs in the U.K, we always have a cab around the corner. We are up to 45% cheaper than any cabs in the U.K. Our dispatch optimization works on the AI Algorithmic Framework.



What stage are you currently at in setting up your company/business?

We are currently in the growth and establishment stage. Our research and development team is currently working on a variety of reinforcement learning techniques, deep learning, probabilistic modelling, neuro-evolution and natural language processing applications to improve our user and driver partner experience.

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What challenges have you faced during the process?

Bringing orders to our sales pipeline: Sales mainly require a combination of product know-how and people skills. Bringing in new re-engineering products in a fast-paced business model was a bit challenging. Mainly we wanted to make a sense of what the customer wants, and quickly match it to see if the deliverable is according to their requirement.
Building a brand following: Various tools are required for social media scheduling, managing multiple email marketing tools, content management tools, social media accounts and analytics tools that integrate with our website to keep our customers engaged and understand the analytics of our visitors.
UI/UX Designs: UI/UX is not just about aesthetics since last few years. It has become a complete requirement. According to various studies, colored visuals can boost the audience’s engagement with the offering by 85%. So we are still researching on the designs and continuously updating according to the matching requirement.
Connecting the dots: We always listen and understand the customer through their reviews. Implementing feedback in the next trip becomes challenging. Until and unless we incorporate it ASAP, customer retention becomes complex.

How has being Ingenuity Lab helped you?

Ingenuity Lab


I had very limited resources in the beginning, when I started the concept of Turbo AI™. Ingenuity Lab helped me to understand more about the start-up ecosystem in the U.K, marketplaces, niche technologies, collaborating with peers and spent time with people having different backgrounds and experiences. Ingenuity Lab competition created a sense of motivation and importance which encouraged me for product innovation. I always had the Turbo AI™ idea but the execution was the most important part. It became a reality only because of the help of mentors, peer groups and Alumni’s from The University of Nottingham.

Awards & Recognitions:

Turbo AI™ is a technology start-up by a joint effort by the incubator, Ingenuity lab – The University of Nottingham, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT GSW Global Start-Up, Nottingham Entrepreneurs, Oxford Entrepreneurs, Venture Fest Oxford, British Embassy Graduate Entrepreneur Endorsed twice in 2015 & 2016 – out of 43,893 students worldwide from The University of Nottingham, and Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Bombay Co-Founders.

Current Status Turbo AI™

Our customer services are ready to accept calls round the clock to book your car seat, begin your trip at the very moment you wish it to happen. Our services are available all over the U.K and Headquartered at the Innovation Lab, The University of Nottingham, operations in Paddington, London and Technology in Bangalore, India.


Turbo AI™ offers Saloon car, Estate car, MPV vehicle, MPV+ vehicle, 8 Seater [Mercedes-Benz Viano, Mercedes-Benz Vito] & VIP Executive [Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A4, BMW 5 Series, Range Rover Sport] services to and from the major places at Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Luton Airport and London City Airport. Also, our services are available at Manchester Airport, UK Cruise Ports – Southampton cruise port – Harwich cruise port – Dover cruise port, Train/Tube Stations – Euston Station- St Pancras Station – Kings Cross Station – Paddington Station – Victoria Station – Waterloo Station – Liverpool Street Station, venues such as corporate events, sightseeing and private tours like: Oxford – Cambridge, Windsor – Bath – Stonehenge – Salisbury and Southampton.

Please explain your Mission, Vision and Values.

Mission: To build the most trusted, internationally diversified brand; provide hassle-free transportation to millions of ordinary people and contributing back to the society.
Vision: To build customer-centric products, enabled by innovative technology. Maintain values and keep a world class standard of corporate governance.
Values: We value our people, support their growth and reward their performance. We will do our best to maintain the trust of our stakeholders.

What are your goals for this year? 

Establish and Reach our Target Market

It is hard for first six months of the business to determine and reach our target market. Turbo AI™ team is trying to understand customer behavioral analytics and their spending habits, so that we can strategize our operations accordingly.

Currently, we have achieved this process through trial and error, determining what works best for the specific business organizations and the locations in which we operate. Our plan for this year is to increase customer base by 40% through superior performance, word-of-mouth referrals, loyalty programs, tie-ups with universities, hotels, travel organizations and corporate companies.

Short and Long-Term Goals

Turbo AI™ short term goals are mainly to increase the visibility through online promotions and offline through participation in targeted events. Turbo AI™ is in the process, of changing the lives of hundreds of drivers in the U.K. We are planning to provide more attractive competitive compensatory packages to attract drivers to partner with us.

Turbo AI™ long term goal is to create a service-based technology company whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations, develop and maintain a sustainable technology transportation company serving all main locations in the U.K and Europe. Turbo AI™ plan is to provide customers the finest technology private hire transportation service available and offer a higher level of customer service than traditional cab companies by giving extensive training to drivers and partners with fully inspected vehicle’s which are less than four years old. By the end of this year Turbo AI™ will be entering Paris, Milan and Frankfurt.

Are there any calls to action you would like us to include?

We wish, “All the best to the Team-Turbo AI™”

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