Twitter Marketing isn’t Dead, You may be doing it wrong

With nearly 328 million active users on Twitter, Just think how many audiences you can approach with one perfect tweet. And this makes, Twitter marketing a potential, powerful tool – If you know how to use it in an advanced way.

So how you are going to leverage Twitter to drive more user traffic and sales to your website?

Creating a Twitter page for your business is easy. Anyone can do that, uploads photo completes profile. However, growing your Twitter account and turning it into a real strategy that brands your business, needs techniques.

75% of B2B marketers use Twitter for their effective marketing strategy

B2B and B2C marketers on Twitter chart

It is all about engaging with your target audience. If you can become a pro with this social site, you’ll unlock new opportunities to grow your business online.

Your approach to every social site should be different. For example, your Twitter strategy is not going to be the same as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Understanding how Twitter Marketing works will shape the way you use it.

Why Twitter
  1. Sharing company events and updates
  2. Drive sales with promotional tweets
  3. Networking and building brand
  4. Reputation Management

As you can see, all these activities are two way. So 2-way communication is always productive than just broadcasting your information. Interact with your audience always.

Here are some proven tips for you

1. Don’t back-off to experiment on humor in your tweets

Most of the businesses don’t use this strategy keeping the concern in mind that ‘What customer thinks?’

When done in the right way, humor can be a great way for businesses and SME’s to gain more customers and interaction.

Humor gives your company a light-hearted feeling and makes closer with your customers. Also, it keeps your tweets more memorable – after all, a good laugh or smile is always memorable than corporate vision or mission statement.

Looking for some references of humor tweets? Check out some tweets here.

2. Connect with relevant people and content

It does not help if you follow a bunch of celebrities if you are a service based company. Develop and connect with a niche. So start searching your industry related keywords in Twitter and try to connect with such people and companies. Know your targeted audience and follow them.

  1. Keywords – Check the most relevant keywords related to your niche and understand what’s being talked about. This will tell you what’s trending and what your audience is looking for.
  2. Following – Your followers are tweeting about your niche, and they could give you some fresh ideas. They might be trying to get answers on Twitter. So, keeping an eye on your followers helps you to interact better.

It makes twitter an interesting platform an interesting one where you can filter out all junk leads. Start interacting with such audience and companies by re-tweeting their posts and participating in their Q/A posts.

3. Hashtags – Plan Ahead

We all know Twitter hashtags are effective in making a topic or happening viral.

Planning ahead for holidays and special events will give you time to design high quality and interesting content and images/videos/GIFs with trending hashtags and discussions.

For example, we know hashtags like #christmas #newyearwishes etc. All such tags will be trending as it gets closer to those dates. Run campaigns as per the trending hashtags, it helps you to reach out to new people. By putting your brand in front of those trending topics, your account will be seen by people tweeting around that tags.

4. Your Tweet Layout

Maybe till now, you had never bothered about placing a link URL in the tweet. According to reports by many marketers, the CTR was higher when the link URL’s were in beginning. Add relevant images or videos.

Do not create the content just for the sake of content appearance. Add value to it.

5. Tweet regularly and make it personable

Regular tweeting is a sign of trust and health profile, according to many Internet marketers. “If you tweet once in a week or once in a month, you are not keeping up with Twitter, the audience will forget you.

It’s always recommendable daily posting and interaction so that you could stay in their minds consistently. Just make sure you are tweeting relevant and authentic information.

In this era of digital, customers look for a connection with the companies they interact with.

In fact, studies show that 62% of millennials want the brands they interact with to be personable.

Your tweets shouldn’t consist of headlines with a link or image. They should make the audience feel like to communicate back with you. This makes your followers feel like they are with you. Otherwise, they feel only you are making branding stunts on Twitter. Believe me, this is really a bad impression.

6. Content strategy

If you are really serious on working Twitter marketing strategy then you must focus on using multimedia in your tweets. This is so because tweets with video attract 10X as much engagement.

You must share a variety of content on Twitter – not just text. Let’s see some possible content options.

  • Text- This is short and simple to convey the information. Works great for new updates, quick facts and interacting with your audience.
  • Images – Keeping a relevant image with your tweet really creates an impact. Images stand out more compared to text, getting more views and more engagements.
  • Video – If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video would speak a million words. Videos can do wonders if integrated into your tweet.
  • Link – If you have long information which is valuable that can’t be embedded, a regular link will really work. Adding a hashtag will help to boost to reach more audience.

Since more than 90% of Twitter videos are viewed on mobile, you also need to focus on mobile optimization of your videos. After all, promoted video tweets are doing very well in the current market.

Get visual. Photos and videos drive more clicks than regular text tweets. Images, videos, GIFs and other rich media have proven to receive more views and clicks. These days GIF’s are more trending than any other media. You can add some informational media as well as fun.

7. Set a Twitter marketing strategy

No strategy is complete without having goals that you want to achieve from it. Here are some goals you should keep

  1. Building a relevant audience
  2. Monitor and improve online reputation
  3. Respond to customer issues quicker
  4. Keep target of leads getting from Twitter
  5. Getting traffic to your site

Of course, for all goals, you should keep some deadlines too to get the work done effectively. You can use some social media tools like Sprout Social to measure your activities and track performance.

8. Ignoring your competitors? Bad practice, then!

Twitter is one of the popular networks for businesses and brands, which means it is easy to understand what your competition is doing. Just keep an eye on your competitors to understand what’s working well for them.

  1. Follow your competitor
  2. Monitor how they are interacting with their customers
  3. Look at their Twitter content strategy

9. Monitoring your Twitter stats

This strategy remains forever even in 2020 or beyond. Measuring the Return On Investment (ROI) on your Twitter marketing efforts is very important so that you can be sure that your efforts are not going into vain. Focusing on how to monitor Twitter will help you with taking right and effective decisions about your future Twitter marketing campaigns.

Here are some metrics you should focus on:

  • Avg. tweet performance
  • The no.of your brand mentions
  • Social media reach on Twitter
  • No. of positive and negative comments
  • Growth in the follower’s numbers

Tools like Twitter Analytics, Quintly, Sprout Social can effectively help you to monitor your Twitter account and to ensure excellent Twitter marketing success.


Twitter is an amazing platform to engage and grow your brand. All you need to do is understand advanced techniques and metrics and apply with your account.

We hope that the above guide will help you to understand the effective tips and techniques for an actionable Twitter marketing success.

Do you have any great Twitter marketing strategies that have been helped your business? Please share with our readers in the comments section.

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