What Advice Would I Offer New Bloggers?

Blog mainly for fun.

Invest money in eBooks and courses from reputable blogging pros. Learn from the best.

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Create and connect. Be generous. Trust in the process. Trust in yourself. Of course, blogging mainly for fun is the key newbie blogger step because most newbies fail for “money blogging”. New bloggers struggle because most newbies blog mainly for money. Of course, having zero skills, no exposure and no credibility, money does not arrive. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure and strong credibility make money online. Everybody else does not make money online. People buy your stuff or hire you if people see you as being skilled, credible and as a known commodity. Generously serve people for thousands of hours. Gain skills, exposure and credibility. Simple process but sometimes it feels highly uncomfortable to see the process through.

“Fun” Part Screws Up Most Newbies

New bloggers likely nod at my “have fun” advice but few genuinely blog for passion. Most newbies blog to make money. Most newbies blog to make money in order to quit a despised job. Imagine working long, hard hours at your job. Who desires that? Blogging sounds like a fun way TO AVOID or TO QUIT your current job. Imagine beginning a blog to avoid or quit your current job. Every fiber of your blogging energy attaches to money outcomes because your prime driver is to quit a job you fear working. How do you actually blog for fun if money-fear drives you? Impossible. But of course, this sad story replays itself time and time again. I observed thousands of new bloggers begin blogging to make enough money in order to quit despised jobs. 100% of the time, said bloggers struggle, fail and quit.

Follow your fun or do not bother blogging. Blog your fun. Blogging your fun makes you:

  • generous
  • patient
  • persistent
  • trusting in self
  • trusting in the blogging process
  • detached from money outcomes
  • detached from traffic outcomes
  • detached from popularity, vanity metrics

Blog your fun to fall in love with the blogging process and to be unswayed by money and traffic metrics. New bloggers energized by their fun do the thousands of hours of learning, practicing, creating and connecting, along with monetizing, to become successful, pro bloggers. Love what you do. Keep doing it for years. Go full time. Succeed. This simple strategy works well but goads you to make freeing, scary decisions sometimes. Other times, general discomfort arises and you need to gracefully wade through unpleasant emotions. At 4 PM on a Saturday afternoon I’d rather be napping. My nose feels runny and I’m coughing quite a bit. But I intend to publish this guest post – my 7th post of the day between blog posts and guest posts – to keep freeing myself and to keep freeing bloggers out there. I also love blogging. Blogging feels fun. I keep blogging.

New bloggers; create content and bond with bloggers in your niche by being generous. Publish blog posts and videos to solve specific problems in your niche. Content gives you credibility. Readers see you know your stuff through your content. People trust you because your blog posts and videos yield value. Create. Publish. Ship. Gain trust. Generously help fellow bloggers to build your network. Comment genuinely on blogs. Mention bloggers on your blog. Retweet fellow bloggers. Facebook Share fellow blogger’s posts. Be generous. Ask for nothing. Befriend top niche bloggers by being generous. Blogging buddies mention you, buy your stuff or hire you, if you create content frequently to gain credibility. Blogging buddies expand your presence by promoting you.

Of course, slowly open multiple streams of income. Steadily profit through various channels. Be generous, patient, persistent and trusting. Money will come.


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