What Are the Upsides and Downsides of Being a World Traveling Blogger?

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I love my life of fun and freedom.

Sometimes, my life involves facing deep fears.

Me and my wife have circled the globe for 8 years. Today we are in Brooklyn, New York City.

From India, to Nepal, to Fiji, to Bali to New Zealand to Thailand, we enjoy the world.

Being a world traveling blogger has clear upsides and downsides. I love this life but sometimes, this life becomes tough.

Check out these reasons to see for yourself if you want to be a world traveling blogger.


A few for you:

  • unlimited freedom
  • work where you want
  • work when you want
  • set up your own schedule
  • enjoy immersing yourself in different cultures
  • laze on the beach in Bali
  • enjoy street food in Bangkok
  • soak up the stunning beauty of New Zealand
  • meet blogging buddies in person; I met 3 dear blogging friends in Muhamma and Chennai in India
  • develop traits to become a successful blogger
  • work in exotic places
  • get fabulous content ideas
  • snap eye-popping travel pictures for your blog

Freedom. Being free to enjoy the world sums up why I circle the globe as a pro blogger. You cannot describe freedom. You just need to experience it to see what I mean. Even though I plan to stick around the tri-state area for a bit, I can travel back and forth between NJ, NYC, and Connecticut whenever I want to do so. I feel awesome with this level of freedom.

For most Americans, Bangalore is only an exotic-sounding, far off, bustling city. For me, I can chat with Mudassir about his home town, explaining how I enjoyed watching the original Thor flick at the movie theater, remarking on the beautiful gardens Kelli and I loved as we walked around the city. I snapped the featured image at one such garden in Bangalore. The feeling of “Hey, I loved your home!” when chatting with bloggers all over the globe is indescribable, because it is a genuine harmony, love, a deeper connection, between two human beings.

The upsides of circling the globe far outweigh the downsides.

If you are deeply interested in this life, buy my digital nomad eBook for guidance.


OK, here we go:

  • regularly leave your comfort zone to face fears
  • cultural barriers aka culture shock
  • homesickness (in some cases)
  • slower and less reliable internet connections
  • adjusting to new work environments with every trip
  • changing your routine with every trip
  • language barriers

Every time you travel to a new location, you leave your comfort zone. I had to spend a few days getting situated and finding my routine here in Brooklyn. If I just worked from home in my home town, I have my routine and a home office established. But every trip, I need to set up a new office setting.

I cannot do live videos here because the connection speed does not support broadcasts. This is less common but sometimes an issue.

Cultural and language barriers can frustrate you. Most spots are fine; calculators and hand signals work for buying stuff you need. But getting lost or trying to understand basic information in foreign lands where everyone only speaks the native tongue feels challenging sometimes. I can be the most confident guy online, but when people are joking about me in their native tongue, I can feel self-conscious. Please, guys; this is rare but does happen sometimes when blogging abroad.

Again; the pros far outweigh the cons. But I do want to share for a fair take of being a world-traveling blogger.

See the World

Take at least a few trips to see if blogging and circling the globe is for you. See for yourself. Start a blog. Test it out.

Happy traveling.

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