What Is 1 Key Step in Starting a Successful Blog?

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Mudassir just released a helpful eBook for starting a blog.

Buy it here:

How To Start & Build A Successful Career In Blogging – Step-By-Step Guide: Practical Insights

When I scanned what the eBook covers, I thought back to my first days as a blogger in 2009. Someone told me to start blogging and to buy a domain and hosting. Darn; that was it. I had no idea where to begin. I had no clue where to start. I had no assistance, no coach, no mentor. I did not know what a domain and hosting even were…LOL!?

Mudassir offers you 1 key step in starting a successful blog: buy resources to make your journey easier. Invest money in solutions to make your journey smoother. Imagine if I was a new blogger today; seeing Mudassir’s eBook instantly alerts me to his secret, an intro to blogging, mindset work, free tools, and all that good stuff. As a newbie blogger, reading this eBook would have been a billion times more helpful than someone telling me: “Start to blog. Buy a domain and hosting.”

To the thousands of new bloggers hopping online today, his rich resource gives them a framework for beginning a blog the right way. But it requires money to access this information, to cut your learning curve, and to begin blogging now from an effective, intelligent, generous energy.

Can you imagine trying to become an engineer just by piecing together free information? How about trying to be a doctor by trying to get a free education? If this sounds silly with either profession, why does it NOT sound silly for a new blogger to be successful by piecing together free content?

Invest Money to Make Money

Invest money in your blogging education to make money through your blog. Invest money in the knowledge plus experience of seasoned bloggers who know how to blog, and who share their experience with you through their courses, eBooks and coaching. Why do I promote my blogging course so much? Just to make money? Heck no. I promote the course to help new bloggers to seasoned bloggers to get featured on top blogs. Of course, I think a little bit about sales but I just want to promote it to get it in more hands, to help more bloggers.

Course, eBooks, and other premium offerings require a money investment to access the complete solution to some pressing need. Mudassir mentioned buying one of my eBooks recently on how to create and publish a successful eBook. My 600-word post on the topic was solid and helpful, but the 15,000 word eBook is a complete, full, robust, rich solution for any aspiring author. 600-1000 word free content via blog posts offers solid information. 6000-15000 word premium eBooks offer complete, fabulous, rich, one-stop-shopping solutions for you.

Ditto for other premium resources. Snack on appetizer blog posts but when you really feel hungry and need to feast on the main course, buy eBooks, courses and other resources to begin your blog the right way.

Invest money in your blogging education right now. Be a pro. All pros invest money in the knowledge of other pros to shorten their learning curve and to make life easier. This is the way it goes. Invest in your blogging success as a newbie. Pay up to play up.

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