What is SEO and How Search Engine Optimization Works (2019 Updated)

What is SEO and How Search Engine Optimization Works (2019 Updated)

August 27, 2017 0 By Team NettyFeed

Are you entering 2019 with an effective, time-proven marketing strategy? If you’re looking for some pro insights – be sure to read this complete guide and get armed with new skills and knowledge.

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) means not having to regularly pay your SEO guy for website traffic. You can hire a SEO specialist to put your site on #1 of Google – for a very hefty pay, that is … or you can do it for yourself? Seriously? SEO on your own? Yes, you can!

This SEO strategy guide for 2019 has got you covered.

Just like Batman, Superman has plans for everything, this SEO guide also has plans for:

#1. How to design your website that will maximize your rankings;

#2. How to provide amazing UX that will keep users coming back;

#3. How to use competitors strength to increase your visibility and many more.

In this Digital full information world, every website owner wishes to rank his/her website on top list for targeted keywords. This is what exactly SEO does. It creates your brand identity in online.

In this article, we are giving you overview of Search Engine Optimization, how exactly it works and which areas you should focus on to rank top.

What is SEO

In simple way, SEO can be defined as set of techniques that helps you to achieve more organic traffic to your website.

The best way to understand it is breaking down SEO into parts. In that manner, it is

1. Disciplinary action

It’s continuous action to be performed because this is the only best and simple way you can drive quality traffic to your site and generate more leads and business. You should focus more on creating the content for your blogs and article which creates a value to your audience. You don’t need to write the content to rank top, write it in such a way that your audience attracts to it.

2. Technical action

You have to learn and apply the best practices of SEO to drive traffic to your site in this huge competitive market. You have to optimize your website and content with paid and free marketing tactics. Always follow as per Google guidelines WhiteHat SEO techniques to avoid penalty and rank top within period of time.

3. Passionate task

It’s not one day job. It’s continuous effort which runs with your passion and commitment to rank your site top and maintain it for the long time. Always get update with Google algorithm and work smartly on On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques of 2017. You should love the evolving nature of SEO and it is the fact that marketers like you have to constantly get update on algorithms, practices etc.

How does SEO actually works

When any user searches for a term or product on search engines like Google, Bing then they can see some results with series of websites that are relevant to the searched term and websites that have good Page rank and domain authority ranks first on the list.

For example when you search for ” best bulk sms services“, the top results are the ones that followed best SEO practices as per guidelines.

This is because mainly because search engines like Google uses advance crawlers and spiders to crawl the information from websites, which creates an index for every site that is compared with Google algorithm.

You always needs to focus on below practices

1. On-Site SEO

  • Website Title, Description and Keywords
  • URL structure
  • Keyword density
  • Heading/ HTML tags
  • Image optimization
  • Internal and External Linking
  • Content quality

7 best on-page SEO techniques you must look into

2. Off-Page SEO

  • Presence on Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Developing high quality content
  • Blog and article submission
  • Backlinks building
  • Business listing
  • Social media bookmarking etc.

Top Best Off Page SEO Techniques You Must Implement On Your Site


If you follow these, you’ll find your website ranking top in search engine’s list for targeted keywords. Remember it’s not a day or month job. Don’t get attract to the companies or freelancers who promise you backlinks, more traffic within days. It always fails in very bad way.

Make your website which is favorable to users and meet the standards of search engines. It means it has to be simple, clean and informative. Write original content that creates value to your audience.

Let us know your experiences or queries in comments. It helps the community for better tactics.