How To Pick Right Niche For You To Blog In 2020?


Everyone’s blogging, for obvious reasons; Some want money and financial freedom and some are just passionate about it – Blogging is a mixed package, after all. Most people get inspired by those monthly 6 figure income reports of top bloggers and decide to start a blog. That’s okay! But what to blog about? I will cover that information with this article, please pay attention.

My early experience with a niche-selection

I had a very immature mindset when I started blogging. I started with entertainment, tech, news, business, blogging, SEO niches. Lol! Still, I laugh at myself. Blogging on that many irrelevant niches won’t work unless you have a huge team to invest time and money on SEO, content creation, design, and social media. Moreover, I was a newbie and had no idea about these terms. However, I tried to do things on my own without consulting experts. And that made me keep searching for ideas to keep my blog moving. I was getting good traffic, had MediaNet ads, use to publish some sponsored content; things were going fine. However, I couldn’t make big money numbers for below reasons:

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  • Ads were not relevant and quality since I had multiple niches
  • Low-quality traffic since it was hard for me to rank multiple niche articles as a beginner
  • Google algorithm updates were breaking me down

I failed terribly. Since I was not passionate about all those topics, I use to copy the content from other blogs and soon lost the game. Eventually, I started learning what would work and whatnot. As a part of it, today I have 1 single niche of my passion “blogging”. Here I share tips that I have learned from my previous mistakes and experiences.

Why niche is important?

  1. Your blogging consistency, fun, and success depends on it
  2. Money flows when you are creative, creativity comes if you have enough audience to listen and engage
  3. Niche gives you room to explore, learn new things and to master

First, ask yourself, why you want to blog

Do you blog solely for money?

Finance, money-making online, home decoration, education, health, food, gaming, digital marketing, etc are some profitable (high PPC) niches. You need to create a blog on any of these, build quality content, and traffic so that you can place ads from Google or Medianet to make money.

Eventually, you can also earn money by creating courses, eBooks about the topics that you’re passionate about.

Do you blog because of passion?

Passion is the energetic feeling that drives you to do things even if you are in no mood. Close your eyes, ask yourself, what I am good in? I’m sure at least five to ten things blink in your mind. Figure out your passion. It will make your job easier in terms of producing creative and quality content in the long run.

How to pick the right niche

Most bloggers pick the niche randomly. They start a blog with the desperation of money or achieve that financial freedom, things don’t get better instantly and they quit; which is why picking the niche is a most crucial factor before you get started with blogging. Here are some ideas to choose a niche:

1. Note down

What are you interested in, since childhood?

Write down all those things that you have been paying interest for. Believe me, this works. Maybe you can catch up with very common ideas but it is okay, it’s just to understand the possibilities.

For example:

  • Cricket
  • Travel
  • Relationship advice
  • Movies
  • Bikes and cars, etc.
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle

If your list becomes something like this, you should probably need to filter out those to pick the best one.

2. Look around

Yeah, go out and explore. Go to walk, or cinema or some crowded place and see if you can find your interests. You may get a wide range of topics into your mind. Alternatively, open the Internet, go to news blogs or websites and find the categories and see if you can connect to any of it.

3. Analyze your past

From college or after it; what things inspired you to develop thoughts? What did you like the most? Like, the subjects/stream you have chosen, jobs you have taken, hobbies that you regularly caught up with. Make a list of all those. You don’t have to write exactly about the stream that you have chosen, there would be elements connected to your college time, such as college life. If I were you now, maybe I can think of starting a blog on “college life” or “engineering student guide”, etc.

Just think of your past works, hobbies, events and find out what are you good at.

Key points to keep in mind while choosing the blog niche

1. Does the niche have enough audience on the Internet?

You should pick a niche that you can write about it for the whole upcoming years. That means you cannot write on topics like “pink earphones for girls”, etc, it’s not going to be enough. You will get bored or don’t find information to write on that topic for years. You need to cut down the broader niche topics into smaller and find out which sub-topics are having a good audience base and scope. Picking the right blogging niche that fits your mindset and external factors is very important than ever.

Is it okay to start a blog in a niche that is already crowded?

Who is caring about your niche currently on the Internet?

  • No one
  • A few
  • Many people

How to know? Search phrases and words related to your niche on Google, forums, Facebook, Twitter and try to understand how much demand your niche has got. Also, you can use tools like SEMrush to find out keyword search volume per month.

So, Is passion important or demand? Actually, both. You need to connect your passion to the demand. The more the audience your niche has got, there will high competition as well as opportunities for you to grow.

2. Does the niche already have enough suppliers?

Competition… Competition…Everywhere!

If your niche has a huge audience, it means there would be more no. of suppliers too (means, other bloggers). Don’t let this fear make you focus on the niche which has a low audience.

If you want to start a blogging blog now, it’s very hard to grow due to the huge competition, however, it is not impossible. The dedication, creativity, and consistency get you there. Simply writing blogs on blogging is not going to make you rank, you need to stand out in the crowd and do something unique that others are not doing.

However, you don’t have to hold back yourself fearing the competition, every person has room to grow. All you have to do is make your mark by maintaining your original and unique style of blogging. Never be a copycat in terms of blog posts ideas and developing content. Find out what the audience is looking for, catch that one drawback that other bloggers are not providing to the audience and start working on it.


Collect the data; such as niche size, competition, how much others are earning, etc. Filter down niches and choose one, once you choose the niche do not look back, believe in yourself. The silly and proven secret is, passion is everything to build a successful blog.

When you feel like ready with your niche, be sure to check out How to start a blog – Step by step guide for beginners.

Have anything to say? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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