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What Path Makes Blogging Easier?

The generous path makes blogging easier.

Help a Bunch of People to Make Blogging Easier

Blogging does in fact get easier and easier – eventually – if you take the generous path. Imagine writing and publishing one blog post and one guest post daily. Each blog post and guest post you write improves your skills, buying you more credibility. But that’s not all; each guest post and blog post increases your exposure, too. Visualize how successful you’ll become by generously creating oodles of content. Be credible, and be seen in all types of spots in your niche. If you open multiple streams of income, you will become super successful AND blogging becomes easier and easier.

But the question remains; why so few people take the generous path, to make blogging easier?


Taking the generous path to make blogging easier requires you to face and feel these common fears:

  • the fear of giving away too much free content
  • the fear of not getting paid financially for every single piece of content you create
  • the fear of wasting your time
  • the fear of criticism; gaining massive exposure opens you up to new, critical readers
  • the fear of running out of money as you generously help tons of folks for free
  • the fear of running out of ideas
  • the fear of leaving your comfort zone, each time you face a new blogging fear
  • the fear of being criticized by employee-mindset friends and family who say you are a fool for helping so many people for free, when you should be getting paid, to pay the bills
  • the fear of failure

I mean, guys; this list of fears can go on forever but facing and feeling these highly unpleasant fears is the only way to make blogging easier by being generous. Generous blogging is the prospering but high uncomfortable path. Few walk the path, being averse to fear and discomfort, so blogging seems incredibly hard, super difficult to them. Why do you not make money through blogging? You fear facing fears, which makes you stingy, not generous, and stingy bloggers have little to no skills and virtually zero exposure. How in the heck are you gonna make money if nobody knows who you are, and, the few people who know who you are, do not trust your advice, because you have virtually zero credibility?

Most bloggers make blogging harder by not facing their fears and by not being generous. Make blogging easier by facing fears and by being generous. The skills, exposure, traffic and profits increase are well worth facing a few fears and being generous.

Easier Not Easy

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Eventually, blogging becomes easy. But for new bloggers or struggling bloggers, blogging needs to become easier, before becoming easy. No blogger faces 1 or 2 fears, writes blog posts and guest posts for a week, and makes $500,000 the following week. But bloggers who face their fears and generously help people do find blogging becomes easier and easier over the days, weeks and months of facing fears and being generous because traffic and profits numbers slowly increase.

Yep; after 10,000 to 20,000 hours of diving into fears and being super generous, blogging becomes flat out easy. You can blog in your sleep, at that point.


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