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When Do You Help or Not Help Someone?

Hmmmmm….this question is a good one.

I get requests for help here and there. Sometimes I help. Sometimes I do not help. How do I choose between helping and not helping? Love. I dig deep, relax, and simply feel who approaches me from an energy of love and detachment. I feel who approaches me with an energy of love and generosity. If someone vibes love and peace, I help them. If someone vibes fear and chaos, I do not help them. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Let me give you an example. I invited bloggers to ask me to guest post for them. I offered a free guest post to anybody, virtually. Mudassir took me up on the offer. He felt generous, relaxed, and detached about it all. So I wrote a few more guest posts for him. He generously offered me guest posting rights, saying I could write and guest post any time, allowing me to publish posts. Sweet. This is an awesome guy. This is a loving dude. This is a friend. I will keep helping him because I give my attention and energy to love. Then, he shows even more love, by beginning to buy multiple eBooks of mine. Sweet, once again. I will keep helping him because he keeps showing me love.

Imagine one hand washing the other. Two bloggers helping each other from energy of harmony, love, and peace. Match made in cyber heaven. Keep helping loving, generous, relaxed folks. Success will keep flowing your way in increasing amounts.


….at the other end of the spectrum, we see folks vibing heavily from fear, desperation, and panic. Since I have compassion for these folks I DO NOT help them because where your attention and energy go, grows. First, you need to compose yourself and help yourself, before you ask for help, from other people. First, you need to control your vibe by facing your fears. Then, vibe higher, and reach out to high vibing folks for help. But when you reach out from an energy of fear, desperation, and panic, you will be completely blind to my loving, calm, relaxed, successful advice anyway, so why waste our time? Why waste your time and my time? Plus, your chaotic, panicked vibe infects you and me. I want no part of that.

The turning point of my life was dealing with my own fears solo, so I could reach out to powerful people from the energy of calm, confident, emotional intelligence. You have to do the same for me to set aside 30 seconds for you, today, for me to offer you help. Help love. Do not help fear. I stopped helping and even blocked some angry, pained, fear-filled bloggers who returned to me again and again with fear, anger, and sadness in their hearts. I am a blogger; I am not a savior. I can lead people who vibe from love because they can actually see, listen to and follow my advice. I cannot lead people who vibe from fear because their fear makes it impossible to see, listen to and follow my advice. Fear-filled people are blind and deaf to successful blogging advice and no human being can force them to see and listen to successful blogging advice, save themselves. Help yourself first, by facing your fears, if you struggle. Then, pro bloggers will be more willing and open to helping you.


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