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When Does SEO Kick In with Your Blog?

This is the wrong question guys. SEO does not kick in with your blog on its own because SEO is an inanimate concept. SEO cannot do anything. SEO cannot act on its own. Skilled bloggers who learn SEO principles, who create helpful content and who build meaningful bonds with top bloggers in their niche drive search traffic over time. The time varies from blogger to blogger but usually, you can expect to see some search traffic over many months or over even years of persistent, generous effort.

Unfortunately, most bloggers who asked such questions like the title of this blog post believe a concept or inanimate object does the work for them. In some cases the blogger asking this question understands the blogger and not SEO determines their results. But in most cases the blogger has no idea that their generous, persistent learning, practice and effort bring search traffic over many months or even years. SEO never kicks in nor does any concept ever kick in. This is not a passive process based on something doing stuff for you.

Bloggers who learn SEO, practice the principles and create and connect can reach page 1 of Google but it takes thousands of hours of practice before this happens. The feat also takes thousands of hours of generous service. Most bloggers who ask this question have no interest in practicing or helping people for free at all because they just want search traffic without putting in the time and effort to earn the search traffic. I am just being real guys. I know by now how most bloggers think because I have seen failed, struggling bloggers ask these questions for the past decade of my life. My job is, to be honest with you.

Create helpful content. Befriend top bloggers in your niche by helping them out and asking for nothing. Learn SEO basics to add critical details to your content. Following these simple but sometimes uncomfortable tips positions you to drive Google traffic. You will need to drive Google traffic. SEO cannot do anything for you and SEO will never kick in after a certain period of time via its own steam. You add the juice. You put in the generous effort. If someone appears to rank on page 1 for many keywords just understand this blogger spent 10000 + hours following my advice. These bloggers learn the SEO details for many hundreds of hours then worked tirelessly for 10,000 plus hours by creating content and befriending top bloggers in their niche. This is why they rank on page one.

In your fear-filled mind, you may see someone ranking on page 1 and desperately want to get the same rank with 10 hours of effort or with one month of effort but when you see someone on page one routinely, this means 10,000 to 20,000 hours or more of blogging effort for very many years of your life. If it were easy to rank on page one everybody would do it and rank on page 1 of Google would lose its value. The reason why it’s difficult to rank on page one is that it’s a very uncomfortable journey that pulls you through your deepest fears and that exposes your greediness, your desperation and your complete delusion about what it takes to gain search traffic regularly.

Stick to the basics guys. Success begins and ends in your mind and through your generous actions. Create helpful content. Make a ton of friends. Learn the SEO basics. Blogging buddies will freely give you valuable backlinks to boost your SEO juice. Your valuable content will be held in high esteem by Google. This process is painfully simple and just as painfully uncomfortable because you will be doing basic, simple things daily for the next few years of your life. Ride out uncomfortable periods, keep being generous and you will succeed in ranking on page 1 of Google for whatever keyword you put your mind to.


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2 thoughts on “When Does SEO Kick In with Your Blog?”

  1. HeyRyan,
    you’re right about putting in the work in several years time frame. I’m capping off my second year on 4-th of December, and things are just heating up for me. Now I’m starting to see it was worth it, but for a long time, I was like in dark tunnel. Nothing to be seen, only move forward, one step at a time.

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