When Is it Worth it to Blog?

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I have absolutely no idea.

When is it worth it to blog? Only you can answer that question. I know blogging is worth it for me because freedom is the number one concept I live by. Blogging made sense because I would be able to work when I want to work from any spot on earth. Doesn’t that sound pretty good to you? I would think so but I have no idea what drives you to do what you do in your life. I have no idea what would drive you to blog because only you know what drives you to blog and what would make blogging worth it.

I sometimes see bloggers asking this worth it query and shake my head a little bit because only you know what’s worth it and what is not worth it for you. I love freedom so blogging makes perfect sense to me but the amount of generous service that goes into blogging is no joke. I worked for free for quite a long time before going full-time. Of course, this free work was beyond worth it for me because anything leading to greater fun and freedom makes the most sense for my life.

Would work for free for a very long time be worth it for you? Only you can answer that question because some people value comfort and unhappiness over uncomfortable situations, happiness, and freedom. I understand that sounds nuts to most bloggers because most of us value freedom over everything but some people are so afraid to face the fear that they choose comfort and unhappiness over happiness, freedom, fun and uncomfortable moments. Simply put, they value comfort over facing fear and live their life according to this basic principle.

Would it be worth it for these individuals to go through potentially all types of uncomfortable struggles? I have no idea. I know some people would likely go batty mad if they faced the fears I faced over the years because said folks design life to fit into their tidy little comfort zone. No judgments. The contrast makes life interesting. If everybody behaved like everybody else, life would become boring and pretty much bookkeeping. But we have contrasting individuals who value different ideas and who see blogging as being worth it or not being worth it.

You choose.

You decide.

From my perspective, blogging is worth it solely if you make fun and freedom of your prime drivers. Most human beings value freedom above all else. Blogging offers you a tool through which to obtain greater freedom, fun, expression, and expansion. I would say that’s well worth the time and energy and effort you need to put into blogging to succeed. But if you chase money, blogging is not worth it because you cannot make money until you develop skills and it takes years to develop your blogging skills to the point of making money. Guess what happens over those years? You make little or no money and in most cases, you quit because you lost your driver. I have seen this happen thousands of times over my decade online. Blogging is never worth it for these people because they choose an impossible goal. Money chasers set delusional goals because the money they want to make quickly cannot be made quickly. Nobody becomes skilled overnight or within two to three months so nobody makes real money in that time frame and if you aren’t making money, you get frustrated and quit. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy that happens again and again in the blogging niche.

Is blogging worth it? For me, heck yeah. But you need to make that decision yourself based on your genuine intent.


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2 thoughts on “When Is it Worth it to Blog?”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    In my opinion – Blogging is really a great career because being a professional blogger is like being your own boss and it provides flexible schedule.

    One of the most successful learning technique I know is to try to teach what you’re currently learning yourself to other people.

    As a blogger, you are likely to improve your technical skills because you are forced to research further topics in order to properly share them with the public. Eventually, thanks for sharing your interesting experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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