Why Do Bloggers Equate Uncomfortable with Hard?

Bloggers often tell me blogging feels hard.

Most believe blogging to be a difficult task. This is not true. Running a marathon if you never trained is a difficult task. Bench pressing 500 pounds if you never picked up a weight is a difficult task. Blogging is tapping keys and forming words and publishing posts. Does that sound hard or difficult like running a marathon if you never trained? Of course not; blogging is just uncomfortable sometimes, but blogging is never genuinely hard. Bloggers often equate facing fear as being hard, or, difficult, but both seem to be different energies to me. Feeling blogging fears feels uncomfortable for a few moments but the feelings pass and you move on to doing simple, freeing things. Trying to do something hard feels nearly impossible; how does it feel to sprint up 15 flights of stairs if you never trained exercise-wise? Nearly impossible, and horribly brutal, is how it feels, for 10 or 20 or even 30 minutes. Quite a different experience from a few moments of embarrassment, anger or frustration when you face blogging fears.

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Imagine trying to get featured on world famous blogs.  After writing and publishing 50 blog posts, you still see no features on top blogs. Frustrated feelings arise in your being. But after a few moments, the terrible feelings pass and you move on to the next moment, creating content and building connections. Does feeling really bad for 5 minutes feel like trying to run 26 miles? Of course not! Feeling uncomfortable feels completely different from doing something almost physically impossible. But bloggers make the common error of believing blogging feels hard, nearly physically impossible, and they throw up their hands in defeat rather than face, feel and release deep fears in a few moments. Do you see why most bloggers struggle terribly? Most imagine physically impossible, difficult, hard blogging tasks when in reality, some blogging tasks feel scary but the uncomfortable feelings pass quickly and the blogger could just continue doing simple, success-promoting stuff.

Never confuse hard with uncomfortable. Blogging is never hard because blogging involves no physically impossible, overwhelming feat. Blogging does involve facing, feeling and releasing deep fears but these energies pass in moments and you are free to proceed from a more fear-free, relaxed energy, wading through these fears.

Anybody can become a successful blogger. Anybody can wade into fears, feel fears and continue doing simple, success-promoting stuff. Blogging is not an overwhelming, hard, nearly physically impossible task. Never believe people who say blogging involves difficult, overpowering, overwhelming activities. Blogging is simply uncomfortable sometimes but it is never incredibly difficult or overwhelming. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and you will adjust yourself to walk the successful, prospering blogging path.

Blogging is not hard.

Blogging does feel uncomfortable, sometimes. Mostly though, blogging feels fun, freeing, rewarding and fulfilling. Dwell on these inspired emotions to pull yourself through uncomfortable times, deep blogging fears and the illusion that blogging feels hard or highly difficult. Holding your fun, freeing intent pulls you through genuinely scary, unpleasant, blogging times.

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