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Why You Do Blog Commenting All Wrong

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How to Leave Attention Grabbing Blog Comments

This is a smart read for learning how to blog comment effectively. Most blog commenters do commenting all wrong because they try to get traffic and profits through their blog comments. Few bloggers try to give value through blog comments which are why few bloggers make a genuine impact with this often ignored blogging strategy. People try to get backlinks through comments versus trying to give value to make friends. Please re-read that prior sentence.

My blog comment spam queue fills itself daily with folks who want to get through blog commenting and do it all wrong. People try to get me to see their backlinks by sharing non-genuine, mindless comments. Other people try to drop 5 or 10 of their links in the comments themselves. This is madness. If these people thought for one second what it looks like to see a comment with 25 links, 25 paragraphs long, in their blog back office, they would realize how foolish it is to use such a strategy. But of course, nobody thinks straight or clearly when fear drives them. I can feel the fear, greed, and desperation of these blog commenters through each spam comment.

Do you want to do blog commenting effectively? Do you want to do blog commenting right? Comment mainly to give. Comment mainly to serve. Comment mainly to help people by adding value to blog posts. Comment mainly to make friends. The number of friends I made through genuine blog commenting boggles the mind because all I did was leave my thoughts for free in a valuable, authentic way. I find it amazing that you can meet so many folks just by sharing your thoughts through comments, especially considering the fact that we share our thoughts with people all day long offline when you’re speaking with people.

Why not just share your thoughts online through comments to build your traffic, to grow your friend network and to increase your blogging business?

Stop commenting to get backlinks. Begin commenting to build friendships by sharing your thoughts in valuable fashion. Publish a few paragraphs if you would like to. At least write 4 to 5 sentences. How long does it take to write six or seven sentences, addressing your fellow blogger by name and signing off with your name? After spending a few minutes reading a blog post all it takes is a minute or two to publish a genuine comment that could lead to a long-term friendship. Long-term friendships lead to all types of blogging sweetness because the cross-promotion, cross creation, and general prospering nature of long-term blogging friendships stagger the mind when you think about it for just a moment.

Gateway Activity

Blog commenting is a gateway activity. This means commenting genially on a blog tends not to lead to an instant click or sale but the bonds you form through commenting build a gateway towards stunning blogging success. I published a few genuine comments on a well-read SEO blog 6 years ago. As my friendship with the blog owner flourished, he hired me and became my most lucrative freelance writing client. I even ghostwrote an e-book for him on Amazon that became a best-seller. Blog commenting opened the door again but as a gateway. I shared my thoughts genuinely a few times, we became friends and then the blogging business grew.

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13 thoughts on “Why You Do Blog Commenting All Wrong”

  1. Hey Ryan & Mudassir,

    Indeed, Blog Commenting is relation development process of bloggers with other bloggers, blogs and their lovely audience.

    It’s an awesome way to get linked but you need to share your opinions and ideas about a specific blog topic.

    The best comments help you build a community within your industry, which can include powerful relationships that lead to mutual content sharing, guest post opportunities, peer relationships and mentoring opportunities.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your genuine experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Hey Amar, As you mentioned, the right intent for blog commenting strategy eventually lands you on the success ground.Thanks for adding your valuable insights!

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful article.

    You are right!

    In my opinion, This is why we should spend more time on our blog than chatting over social media. I think it will strengthen the bonding between the author and the commenter if the conversation goes through the blog comments. It’s easy to discuss the important points of the post through blog commenting. Just leaving a comment like ”awesome article” keep it up” does not make any sense in my opinion. It just provides the backlink with no value. Correct me if I am wrong.

    1. You are 100% right, Sayem Ibn. As the results appear in a large number we should spend more time to make the most from the blog commenting strategy. Thanks for adding your insights, Take care!

    2. Agreed 100% Sayem. Do some chatting on social but tons of chatting on blogs because we own our blogging real estate.

  3. Erika Mohssen-Beyk

    Hi Muddassir and Ryan,
    A much-needed post, and so true and I hope many will read and learn.
    Right blog commenting is beneficial. People who leave comments which have nothing to do with the content only to get backlinks of drop links waste their time.
    It also harms your blog’s brand. Not reading the content and leaving a meaningless comment is considered spam.
    Even a short insightful comment which is relevant makes a difference and usually, a serious blogger will reciprocate which helps to make connections.
    It is good to have different views from serious bloggers about the right blog commenting.
    Thank you both

    1. Agreed, Erika. Dropping meaningless comments for the sake of backlinks can be easily identified and we simply thrash such. The right and valued comments always land us on great opportunities to achieve the blogging success we want. Thanks for stopping by! Please keep sharing the love, Erika. Take care.

  4. Love the thought that blog commenting is a gateway activity, Ryan. It’s the truth and actually a very beneficial thing for us serous commenters.
    Because most folks don’t have the patience to wait for their commenting efforts to mature into fruits, so they give up.
    This leave the field open for us serial commenters:)

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