Going Beyond Emojis, Chatting Becomes Much More Expressive With XPRESSO

Making conversations Personal, Expressive and Playful. That’s the philosophy behind XPRESSO, an app that is growing fast to become one of the most popular Animoji apps for chatting.Formed by experts in graphic design, the startup aims to tackle the issue of lack of emotional connect while communicating. And with XPRESSO, they have nailed the concept of making adorable 3D Animojis to address the demand for expressiveness in personal communications.

What is XPRESSO?

XPRESSO is a tech designed with the purpose of “personalized expression. Users get to personalize a 3d avatar to create their virtual look-alike by choosing from a wide range of features, accessories, outfits, and colors. Once they create an avatar that reflects their personality, they can see hundreds of Animojis with their avatar.


These Animojis embody both facial expression and body language, which is designed and executed in a 3-dimensional space making them closer to real life. Every animation is themed for its emotions, like the background, text, font colors and text animations. A user can enter their own text and magically make these Animojis, which is one of the USPs of our app. Users can share these animoji as GIFs on any platform as they like.

The Journey so far

XPRESSO is a product of parent company Mobigraph. The startup was co-founded by 4 Ex-Samsung employees: Uday Kadirvel (CEO), Siddhartha Vinnakote (CTO), Subrahmanyam AS (Product Head) & Sujith Kumar C R (Biz Dev & Partnerships). Other founding members include Govind Malehithlu (COO & Head of Biz Dev), Rakesh Nanda (Creative Director) and Palanikumar Thangapandian (Cloud Architect) who had an immense contribution towards the journey so far.

Founders of XPRESSO
Founders of XPRESSO

Using the patented tech developed by the company itself, XPRESSO App was launched in March 2017 and is organically growing fast with 12 million GIFs generated in a month and 100K Monthly Active Users. XPRESSO has also bagged tech partnerships with TouchPal, One of the Top 5 Keyboard App for Android and 4lio, World’s First AR Contact App. Interestingly, XPRESSO tech has also created great traction in ChatBots, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Apps.

Going forward, the company’s road map has some very interesting features. Converting a Selfie Photo to Animated Avatar is currently in R&D. They are also going to introduce some mind-blowing animations to user text. A lot more features around avatars are also in store to create an awesome user experience as a whole.

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Growth and Revenue

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Mobigraph is looking to grow through partnerships using XPRESSO Cloud API. Messaging apps, Keyboards, Dating Apps, Bots and other applications that are in need of emojis and GIFs can make their users much more expressive with simple API integration.

Platform agnostic technology enables brands to be a part of user emotions. The company plans to monetize its tech through non-intrusive ad placements in the animations.

The startup had already raised an angel round of funding from investors in Silicon Valley last year and now aims to raise the next round of funding in the next 4-6 months.

Market Overview

A report by eMarketer predicts double-digit growth in the number of mobile messaging app users.

With the ongoing boom in the no. of users for messaging, the scope of such solutions is humongous, especially when the need to engage user at an emotional level has become a major priority. It will be interesting to see how new technologies like XPRESSO takes expressiveness to the next level.

App download link:

Android Link: https://goo.gl/Mz5rkh

iStore Link: https://goo.gl/mcVrmj

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